Dancing Of Metaphor Part Two

Dancing Of Metaphor Part Two
A poet's pen filled with ink of love -passion
That retains power to create Oasis in desert.

Fragile heart, shedding bloody tears
Waiting someone, to shower it with love.

Lovers entwine to feel breath of love
A pair of Swans witness, rain in forest.

Kiss of crimson lips, intoxicating than scarlet wine
Enforces you to drench yourself in a joy of pain.

River of love that flows from your tender heart
Irrigate your love farm, for sweet forbidden fruits.

Believe me! She carried my heart beats with her
Now I need to chase her; to feel the beats of my own heart.

Why does the sun sink deep inside blue ocean?
Definitely, to cool down his fire of passion.

A romantic atmosphere, crimson hue of blue sky
A symbolised sight in evening for kiss of two lovers.

Rose petals drenched with fresh dews
Greet you, to shower with fragrance hue.

The reliable transit for entry to your heart
Indeed, hidden inside a pair of eye sights.

A pair of eyes that retains power to speak
Silent -language of hearts without any fear.

I dare to Imprison spark of thunder and rainbow
To paint color of my sky with my own choice.

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