Dancing Of Sounds

Poem By Dejan Stojanovic

There is a moonlight note
In the Moonlight Sonata;
There is a thunder note
In an angry sky.

Sound unbound by nature
Becomes bounded by art.
There is no competition of sounds
Between a nightingale and a violin.

Nature rewards and punishes
By offering unpredictable ways;
Art is apotheosis;
Often, the complaint of beauty.

Nature is an outcry,
Unpolished truth;
The art—a euphemism—
Tamed wilderness.

Comments about Dancing Of Sounds

Nicely done, and congratulations on having this poem selected poem of the day for three years in a row on December 22!
Congrats for being selected 'poem (and poet) of the day' once again. I like the poem. Feels like the nature has descended upon this beautiful poem. Thanks.
I like the flow of your poem very much. A poem not just of sound, but the loveliness of each note found in nature... Truly it can be a symphony of tamed wilderness.... Very nicely put.
Sound unbound by nature Becomes bounded by art........It's called wisdom. Universal truth for all age of beyond ages. Unique utterance.
Pretty, nice interpretation and piecing of music's nature

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