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Dancing Rain Fairy In The Courtyard

The rain came down light that day
It seemed like each dropp was a small
Delicate foot dancing across the courtyard

I wish I could’ve joined in that
Dance of the rain drops and then
For a moment I thought I saw a fairy

She was beautiful with astonishing wings
Her hair was short but a beautiful auburn
With a simple dress of green and blue

I rub my eyes and blink to see her gone
And replaced with a good friend of mine
She runs to the doors slightly soaked

Bursting through the doors she dances and tells her
Tale of being a rain fairy dancing freely in her
Song of rain drops that is more beautiful than anything

I smile and tell her we must dance together in
The rain one day so that I too can experience
The joy of being a dancing rain fairy one day

Sadly I wasn’t able to join you my friend for I
Had left and even though today you will dance
Like the fairy you were last time I’ll be inside


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