Dancing Through Obstacles

Even with a giving of a support aborted.
And arrows shot from bows a lot,
To prevent the stopping...
Of a progressive intention to move forward,
There are those committed with faith so strong...
That a dancing through obstacles,
Seems not for them to be a challenge.
But a feast to eat upon through storms to seek,
A release of unspoken passion.

'Why are you sitting by the road,
Breaking your bows?
And destroying your arrows? '

~I have grown too exhausted.
I was told a chase would slow the pace,
To eventually stop the one I attempted to overcome.
Like it was with others.
I knew for sure success to me would come.
I believed it to be a piece of cake.
I would eat before I chose another bait.

It's obvious that was not relayed,
To the baker chased to allow that taste.'

~What do you recommend I should do? ~

'Continue doing what you are doing.
And find something or someone else,
Who is not so devoted to complete a mission.
With a leaving those exhausted,
Like it has happened to you.
Set your sights on your own dreams to pursue.'

~But that would mean,
Staying focused and committed...
To my own dreams to fulfill.~

'Or you can choose to receive a benefit,
By giving your support to another...
With a doing to recognize,
Your exhaustion would be limited...
If you didn't try so hard to prevent,
A success that could be shared...
To eliminate your feelings of despair.
Since those accustomed to a dancing through obstacles,
Are already aware...
Of the sound of broken bows and destroyed arrows.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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