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Dancing To The Sunset

Melodies of romance harmonize
with aquamarine ocean
Constant waves gently touch
golden sandy beaches
Oceanic breeze embraces palms
in a passionate motion
Blowing towards the land
a refreshing ventilation

As the time goes by evening sun
slowly dips down
Sparkling glow timely fades
on the distant horizon
Melting the beauties of the day
on crimson sky
Lighting lumninous flambeaus
by the seaside

Bangles of precious pearls
swirl spirally on her arms
Decorative blooming flowers
swing rhythmically around her garb
Naked feet move briskly
on smooth crystal sand
Evening fades, silhouette dances
swaying sinuous hands...

Copyright(c) Hemakumar Nanayakkara

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Comments (19)

'Melodies of romance harmonize...' a good start hinting the theme of the sun-set and beach-side...well done
hmmm... hula dancers at waikiki beach. lovely thank
this is beautiful...I am always happy that I live by the create images so clearly you can almost touch them....great work.
wow..very detailed I almost feel like I'm actually at the beach
as Howard says, you have painted a beautful picture with your words. indeed lovely. thanks for sharing. Mamta
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