CP (4-8-72 / marlboro ma)

Dancing Trio

William Wordsworth'bliss was it to
be alive in that dawn, but to be young
was very heaven.Three inseperable, you
most appetissing goddess, playfully aroused.
Countinuously embraced in delicate sensual
dance, walking on egg shells no match for
true sutlty needed to approach both you,
lover, he like brother, pan, I minor loki
miscivous, testing borders.
Eighteen, first year at berkley music, thus
satiates temptation untill this eve.
Art your mistress, love reflected outwardly,
in passion I'am drawn to your vision, no
wonder he loves you so, is it possible for me
to encourage this emotion.
Naught but once shall I make auidable
my hearts vunerable mummer, lest my
interpretation seem as trespass.
Only disclosed to me through your lustfull
eyes, slight smile dawns my lips, for it is
you who posses in this heated moment
key which ignites young kindling desires.
Goddess I know you by many names, elixer
in my veins, to you my brother, I have no
shame, for you are loved so true it pains
for have I sought to know this tale we weave
between ourselves, lets close our breaths
might three hearts beat tame...

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