Dancing With Insanity

Intellectualizing their own defeat,
With increased double talk...
And selective sound bites,
Has decreased their effectiveness.
And it is clear to those listening,
How insignificant these prolonged mental tests.

They are counting on the many,
Not so few to be fools.
This daily grind they find amusing...
Subjects them as their own enemies,
By the use of their own rules and defective tools.

And even those they have pested into wars,
Have never feared them at all.
Leaving the ones who once blindly followed them into battle...
To dare dropp their pretentions to call these morons, idiots!
But no one knew they could have saved their quality of life,
Resources and sleepless nights...
By acknowledging them not to be suspected morons.
But identifiable idiots,
In the first place!

Taking clues from those observing this twisted self infliction,
Watching them all dancing with insanity and being egocentric!
Doing their best to stop the tick tock heard,
Coming from their own clocks!
Envisioning themselves feasting as conquerers!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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