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Dancing With Me Da! (For Linda)
(15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

Dancing With Me Da! (For Linda)

Poem By Dónall Dempsey

As usual
the world
is threaded through me
through television

& right now
it's Jimmy Cagney.

I sit enthralled
engrossed in every move

...each gesture.

My Dad comes in
from the garden
as if he were Adam

toiling over
his vegetables.

He drops his crop
of potatoes on the floor

cries out: 'Oh...
I love this! '

Sweeps me off
my feet in a gentle waltz

around our kitchen.

(he softly sings)

'would waltz with
the strawberry blonde

...& the band played on! '

'He'd waltz 'round the floor
with the girl he adored

...& the band played on! '

'His heart was so loaded
(it nearly exploded) '

'For God's sake Danny
put the child down! '

He is scolded by my
pretending to be annoyed mother.

'...& make us a cup of tea! '

'...& stop acting the clown
....& being an eejit! '

I am deposited
like a broken twig
in a river

on the further bank
of a big arm chair

'Da da da da da
da da da da da

da da da da da'

he hums as the kettle

kissing my mum
who is by now beginning
to hum:

'Da da da da
da da da da da da...'

...dancing with me da!

...some lost sunny Sunday.

(It is more than fitting that his poem should be dedicated to Linda Treat who was the first to greet me on the site with the openness and warmth of a true Dempsey.

Thank you for all the lovely voices out there(especially Miss Angie and my old pal AL) who took the time to listen and said they enjoyed the 'stuff.' It was much...appreciated.

Thanks folks and that's all folks.)

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Comments (2)

Oh what a gorgeous poem! I love it! It swept my heart off of my feet and I have gone dancing with you your dad and mum. Didn't think I would know anybody who knew THE STRAWBERRY BLONDE... well, there ya go! Hail fellow - well met! Just such a lovely poem about a lovely moment! I love when the humming of da da da...melts into the line...da...dancing with me Da. In the original song the lines(his heart was so loaded it nearly exploded) always made me laugh! For your 1001 poem you go out on a note of love and celebration which seems to be your hallmark. Beautifull! Beautifull! love Dee Dee
My heart is weeping, and my mouth is smiling, and the tears and the joy flow and are mixed together into what has now become Linda Dempsey. How you honor me with your love and friendship is beyond my feeble attempts to say, but suffice it to tell the world...I LOVE DONALL DONALL DEMPSEY, from his double dose name to his wild Irishness, and his curly hair, Puck impishness, sense of humor, and his wonderfully, wonderfully big heart. Donall is beyond compare in his ability to laugh and love, and to be able to share that ability with the rest of this world, and I adore him for this talent. Donall, here is the last song I shall give you here: Some Enchanted Evening, You may meet a stranger.... You may see a stranger, Across a crowded room........... And your heart Will Fly Away.........................