Dancing With Nature

Oh mother nature! I want to announce you
As benevolent 'Creator of my own existence '
Hence I wish to harmonise my each steps
With melodic flow of your infinite beauty.

I prefer to captivate beams of golden dawn
To ensure a new hope of meaningful life.
Watch how does white cloud greet the Sun
With cold shade of her lovely affection.

Blue sky paints herself with crimson- sight
Rainbow manages garland for his bride.
Butterflies carry the message of love
Humming bees prepare nectar for all of us.

I want to compose music for nightingale's song
I like to accompany my steps with peacock - dance.
Let feel and touch each parts and contents of nature
Emancipate you from self, to feel free like breeze.

Wandering with beloved, deep inside green woods
Where old oak tree stretches its branches
To welcome us, beneath her cold -shade
Beside weedy lake and charming water -fall.

Listening melodic flow of brooks and rivers
Is enough to refresh stressed mind and soul.
Whisper of breeze with green leaves of trees
Delight you with spirit of passionate love.

Watch clasping of sea wave with its shore
Strip all layers of your illusive masks.
Let us dance with movement of waves
To perceive the naked truth of the world.

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Robert Frost

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening

Comments (19)

a nature loving poet..............marvelous............10+
It is a brilliant poem about mother nature, i am like it very much. Thank you.
Meticulously crafted poem depicting the spellbinding beauty of nature
The naked truth of the world is that Mother Nature created us all from unicellular to multicellular. Great poem with a powerful effect.
What a wonderful poem with the inspiration of nature...A delightful read, indeed..10++++
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