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Dancing With The Devil
PH (6/5/89 / czech republic)

Dancing With The Devil

Poem By Papillion Hejduk

Dancing with the Devil, All lies and deceit
Many a mistake, were bound to repeat

Cheating all others, their bounty you take
Staring down at another wake

Fathers, daughters, brothers and mothers,
You’re no different from all the others

Just lying cheating, and take, take, take
Another soul you’re intending to break

Now its over you feel the shame,
Looking around you, there’s no one to blame

Darkness surrounds you as you lie in your box
No sounds to be heard, no ticking of the clock

Trying to scream, but no sounds come out
Surroundings clearer, beyond the shadow of doubt

All this time you thought the playing field was level
Huh, that’s just the price you pay, when you’re
Dancing with the Devil

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Comments (2)

some of us are devils.................in disguise.............
Hejduk, this poem is deep and very rythmic. Keep it up!