Poem Hunter
( / Yukon, Oklahoma)


At the first hint of spring,
my mom would grab
a couple of buckets
and we would walk down
to our farm pond.

There we would find
some healthy looking dandelions.
My mom and I would fill the buckets
And that night we would have
All the dandelion salad we could eat.
But of course being young
And not very wise,
I would usually refuse to eat it.

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John....I must admit, I grew up listening to my grandfather speak of the depression and how my mother loved Dandelion salad...As a matter of survial training I had eaten many things before but my wife, who grew up on Twinkies and Chips, had never tried what I call wild food. A few years ago, while my mother was still in her right mind, I fixed an entire dinner of weed, flowers, roots and seeds with a Dandelion salad for her. Today, that and my Frog Legs are about all she remembers. Thanks for the trip back.