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From South America to China and from New Zealand to Japan
In the old Town of Dandenong live every race of man
The Africans, the Asians, the Americans and Vietnamese,
The Russians and Italians and the Greeks and Lebanese.

You'll see every creed and colour there from black to white and brown
From every Land around the globe in old Dandenong Town
To see people of all Nations I need not travel far
From where I live to Dandenong an hour's drive in a car.

At the Dandenong market stall holders of every race
I've never seen or never been in a more multicultural place
If you need fruit and vegetables you won't go short of choice
And the ring of every different accent as they shout their selling price.

Who said between different races there cannot be harmony
I have often been in Dandenong and I have yet to see
A fight or ugly incident no racial tension there
In multicultural Dandenong discord is very rare.

From the British Isles and the Baltic Lands and India and Pakistan
And Israel and Turkey and Iraq and Iran,
From Poland, Hungary and Cyprus and France and Germany
In Dandenong in Victoria all races you will see.

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