Danger Estranged

With an obligation to it quits.
A danger estranged,
Forgotten from a past that had existed.
To face unafraid the unknown,
And its presence to one...
To overcome what was shown.

Will sometimes re-appear,
To chase one's faith away...
With attempts to eliminate it.
But the using of threats so effective,
Is a repetition one with kept faith...

A danger the same estranged,
Will remain to be what it is.
Until one living not to fear it...
Becomes familiar with its presence near.
But no longer permits it to exist.
Or find it amongst one's top ten list.
To realize a divorce,
Had long been finalized.

'I am danger.
No stranger to haunting your every move.
Remember when we were once together?
And no steps you made if I did not approve.'

~And? ~

'You are 'suppose' to run away.
As I pretended to let you escape.
Well, I'm back again in your mind to stay.
And this time you wont find a hiding place.'

~Hold on.
Just a second.
I want to check my schedule,
To see if on it your appearance I missed.
No danger here.~

'Are you sure? '

~What do you 'mean' am I sure?
YES. Yes.
I do recall taking that flight.
And the experiece of it was dreadful.
Bored me to tears.
Thank God I landed with my feet on solid ground.~

You are 'suppose' to run away in fear.'

~Let's make a deal.
You pretend my walking away from you,
Is a run.
And I'll pretend my laughing at you isn't done.~

What about my reputation?
You are destroying it.'

~Tell the folks you left me 'crazed'.
And, in these days we live,
My laughing at you is all the proof you need.
Since everyone else you've chased away,
Can be found begging and pleading for you to leave.
And I aint wasting no more of my time for that.~

What about 'us'? '

~My politics and the life I 'now' live,
Have both completely changed.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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