Danger Follows The Child

No attention would be given,
To juvenile ambitions ignored.
And dismissed,
As part of a growing process.

Youthful deeds that sicken,
Others who pay...
At their own expense.
Becomes difficult to excuse,
Adults with childish minds...
Intending to have others suffer
Who never recover.

Danger follows the child,
Permitted to play with fire.
And accustomed with a doing,
To feel entitled to do it.

Expensive are the fences built,
To surround in isolation...
Those who perceive,
Themselves to have a mindset...
That a quality of life,
To have enjoyed...
Is completely free,
Of a dependency on others.
And stubbornly continues,
With unconscious belief...
Their ignorant actions,
Has not cause the flames...
Warned if continued,
Will burned down...
The house to claim attracts,
Threats of those envious.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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