Danger..! ! (Funny)

Poem By Muhammad Raza Master

I didn't chop my fingers.
They're just short and pink and fat.
I didn't chop my fingers
when I went CHOP, CHOP, like that!
I didn't chop my fingers
when I climbed up on the chair.
I've still got ALL my fingers,
and there's NO blood, ANYWHERE.

YOU might chop your fingers
if you play with Grandma's knife.
Just don't go in Grandma's kitchen,
if you want a peaceful life.

Grandma keeps the gate shut.
She won't even let you SEE,
all the poison in her cupboards,
and hot things for cooking tea.

She's got knives and forks and scissors, AND electric plug in toys.
And I'm not allowed to have them, 'cause I'm just a LITTLE boy.
When I get much bigger,
life won't be such a bore.
I'll have knives and forks and scissors,
AND a HUGE chainsaw.

Comments about Danger..! ! (Funny)

funny. Thanks for sharing. i give it a ten.
ya, , , coz if you grow older, you will not use the small tools, , u will really use the big ones....andddddddddddddddddd...what will happen next? with huge chainsaw...it's for logging...waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...... naizz

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