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Dangerous Men
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Dangerous Men

Dangerous men do rule the World to order the use of nuclear warheads they have the power
like the rank weeds of the garden they do stifle every flower
Of nuclear war we live in danger this is not a source for joy
If such a thing were to happen humanity it would destroy
Great cities would be demolished millions of people would die
There would be Worldwide deaths and suffering this a fact and facts don't lie
In nuclear war all would be losers dangerous men with power do rule by fear
In every news on the radio of war and terrorism we do hear
On this the early twenty first century peace from the World seems far away
Threats of nuclear war are scary and such threats are made every day
By dangerous men with great power at their disposal yet their praises the patriots sing
The voices of peace by war mongers silenced this is such a dangerous thing
Threats and counter threats by dangerous men with nuclear weapons at their disposal rather scary one can say
But this is what we hear of and read in the media every day.

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