Dangerous Plastic Toys

Poem By U Win Kyi

The compound which makes the plastic more soft and flexible
can make the ill-effects....so terrible.
It was used above standard level in plastic toys,
making them so soft that the parents were enticed to buy.
When handled more than 3 hours in a stretch,
on the liver and kidney, it could have a damaging effect.
When playing much longer period with those toys,
it could have a feminizing effect on the boys.
It causes an early menstruation in the girls
and increases the chance of breast cancer...so terrible.
Those toys were removed from the shelves,
for the kid's best interest.
That compound is called plasticizer,
It really is a silent killer.

I miss the good old days,
when the toys were made of wood and clay,
much safer than the toys of today.

Comments about Dangerous Plastic Toys

The danger of synthetic materials (-.-') Oh dear. Maybe in a few generations children will be playing with toxic waste.
so true good poem.....

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