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Dangerous Powerful Ageing Bullies
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Dangerous Powerful Ageing Bullies

Wisdom does not grow on trees as has often been told
Not all men grow wiser though all men grow old
Many of the ageing political leaders in the World of today
May be famous with great power at their disposal but not wise in any way
That such arrogant people command such great power is not a source for joy
With nuclear weapons at their disposal humanity they could destroy
It only takes one mistake for a major war to begin
And on a nuclear war for anyone there would not be a win
Arrogant ageing males in positions of great power can be dangerous indeed
And in this age of nuclear weaponry of more of their sort humanity is not in need
How they have come into positions of great power seems hard to realize
They have grown older with great power at their disposal but they have not grown wise
These dangerous powerful ageing bullies in truth one can say
Are making the Human World far more dangerous for everyone to live in today.

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