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Daniel From Derrynane
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Daniel From Derrynane

Of Ireland's Politicians he surely was the best
He never was found wanting when he was put to the test
In the British House of Parliament respect he did command
He won Catholic Emancipation for the people of Ireland.

The great orator from Kerry Daniel O Connell he hailed from Derrynane
In Ireland his political equal will not be seen again
In the British House of Parliament when all of Ireland's people were subjects of the crown
The genius of O Connell for him won Worldwide renown.

As a political debater he was second to none
And as a politician he did more for Ireland than any other one
He did not believe in violence for Ireland he never fired a shot
But he will be remembered when others are forgot.

Ireland is not worth the loss of human blood he had been known to say
And the legend of O Connell is alive and well today
For achievements through non violence he surely led the way
And the British Parliamentarians respect to him did pay.

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