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Daniel O Connell
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Daniel O Connell

Ireland's greatest Politician was Dan from Derrynane
He believed in non violence his likes not seen again
In the British house of Parliament when all of Ireland's people were subjects of the crown
The genius of O Connell for him won World wide renown.

He got Home Rule and Catholic emancipation for Ireland the very clever Dan
And the British Parliamentarians could only marvel at the genius of the man
If only twenty first century leaders were like him it would be fair to say
We would not have wars and rumours of wars in the World of today.

Known as 'The Liberator' without the use of force
He achieved so much for the Irish people by pursuing the peaceful course
He argued Ireland's case in London the British parliamentarians respect to him did pay
The man he was a genius with words he had a way.

One who believed that in Politics there was no place for the gun
Without the use of violence so much for his people he won
He did so much for Ireland so many years ago
The genius Daniel O Connell his legend in death grow.

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