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Daniel’s Cry!
LDG (August 19,1976 / )

Daniel’s Cry!

Poem By Lynette Dias Gouveia

High in the mountains
Weathered in cold
A man of young
Has now grown old

Once an enchanter
So the story is told
Lost his life
And sold his soul

His song is heard
On mountains high
His song is known
As ‘Daniel’s Cry’

His cry of plea
His cry of mercy
His cry of blood
His cry of entreaty

A cry of life
Lost to the devil
A cry of soul
Forsaken to hell

The story begins
In the quixotic days
Of an Utopian in love
A beauty they say

The name was Lynore
A Portuguese pulchritude
With ivory skin
And eyes of dawn

Trapped in her love
Sweetest of the kind
Daniel in love
An amazing sight

Lynore was killed
A riding accident
Daniel divine
Driven to madness

Called onto the devil
In grief, in desperation
Abdicating his soul
For the life of his passion

She came unto him
Beauty beyond compare
After a while, in love
With someone else

The devil was conniving
Daniel a poignant fool
For the sake of his love
His soul cast to hell

Now, Daniel cries
On the mountain high
Alone in despair
Confined in his lair

His song has haunted
Many a ear
Daniel’s cry!
... Another metaphor

Lynette Dias ~ 1996 – ©Copyright Lynette Dias-Gouveia

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Comments (3)

This is a haunting read. Well-done.
Very beautifully written poem Lynette! ! I really enjoyed this! Sincerely, Mary
Please change caste to cast, also capitalise Utopian. This poem is so full of flavour it begs.......the listener, the reader. Rich images, history, genuine living come through. I love it. H