Dry your tears Danielle, do not fear Danielle
In the garden of your dreams I do belong,
Turn around Danielle, you have found Danielle
I am in the sound of every lovers song.

Lift your eyes Danielle, search the skies Danielle
You can see me in the clouds that float above,
Clear your mind Danielle, you will find Danielle
I am part of everything you say you love.

Search your heart Danielle, I am part Danielle
Of the misty morning breeze that kissed your face,
Raise your hand Danielle, touch the sand Danielle
I revolve around you like a star in space.

Touch a flower Danielle, feel the power Danielle
Of my soul existing in each crimson rose,
Know the thrill Danielle, feel the chill Danielle
As I greet you in each gentle breeze that blows.

Feel the rain Danielle, call my name Danielle
As from heaven in the storm I come to you,
Look above Danielle, look with love Danielle
For in lightning and in thunder I am too.

As you sleep Danielle, oh so deep Danielle
I caress your body in your dreams each night,
As you lie Danielle, as you sigh Danielle,
I am midnight, I am darkness, I am light.

Oh my god Danielle, it's so hard Danielle
To stay away from you for all this time,
I'd come back Danielle, but I lack Danielle
The courage that is needed for the climb.

I grow blind Danielle, I can't find Danielle
The road that led me to you is now gone,
I think I die Danielle, but I'll try Danielle
For I must see you once before I'm done.

I can't feel Danielle, it's unreal Danielle
My world is growing darker every day,
I'm dying Danielle, I'm trying Danielle
To see your face again is all I pray.

Will we meet Danielle, oh my sweet Danielle
Before my weary heart gives up it's beat?
Oh my own Danielle, I'm so alone Danielle
God what is this pain what is this heat?

All is lost Danielle, what a cost Danielle
But I'll always love you as I said I would,
I hear no sound Danielle, I'm unwound Danielle
And darkness falls upon me like a hood.

Now I die Danielle, it's goodbye Danielle
I shall return once more I know you'll wait,
My eyes grow dim Danielle, I'm on the rim Danielle
Satan waits for me at hades gate.

Now I'm free Danielle, yes it's me Danielle
I've come to take you to a better life,
Do not scream Danielle, it's no dream Danielle
At last I'm here to take you for my wife.

See the knife Danielle, oh my wife Danielle
It's blood that stains the floor a sticky red,
Do not fight Danielle, we'll unite Danielle
Now you die and as you do we shall be wed.

by Jones Jones

Comments (3)

Exalent write. Its beautifully writin. Good job. Ten.
This is such an excellent poem. It should be made into a song for Meatloaf to sing and have an amazing musicvideo (DVD) with vampires in it or the hero looking like The Crow. Cool!
Dang! you said Danielle like 53 times... atleast 4 times a paragraph! ! ! ! !