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Danny fancies himself as a 'chippy'
Though he won't listen to what others say
He feels that years of experience count for nothing
And he will always do things his own way.

Danny fancies himself as a chainsaw man
And he will tell you how to prune a tree
And he will tell you he is a tree surgeon
And that for tree care he has his degree.

Danny makes you feel that he has a way with women
Though not all women with him might agree
He'll never get to cuddle Elle McPherson
Or take Naomi Campbell out to tea.

It would seem that in people skills Danny is lacking
And with others he don't work towards harmony
How come we always see the flaws in others
Though our own weaknesses we fail to see?

But there can be a nicer side to Danny
And some worthy causes he's been known to embrace
And though he seems slow for to learn from life's experiences
I do believe that his heart's in the right place.

Danny comes across as very cocky
And he seems to think that he's good at every thing he do
But there's a lesson he has yet to learn
And that is there's always one better than you.

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