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Danny As Such
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Danny As Such

It has been many years since his hair was light brown
Danny born to life in a far away town
On his balding head the hair silver gray
He has known of a far better physical day

Many times a great grand dad divorced by Jo his wife
She left him years ago due to his womanizing ways of life
He has not laid eyes on her for many a year
And on memories of her he does not shed a tear

For one of his age he looks hearty and hale
And at the weekend in the local pub he enjoys his ale
He still likes to try chatting up women though nowadays without success
But this does not deter him from trying nonetheless

On Saturday evening at the pub he enjoys the hour of song
And is one of the leaders in the sing along
He is one of those who is young in his mind
And to act his age he is not of that kind

Born to life in a northern town eight decades ago
He will not allow time for to become his foe
Danny as such may not be an ageing sage
But he looks well and healthy for one of his age.

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