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Danny Is A Young Man
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Danny Is A Young Man

Danny as a young man wished to make mum and dad proud to call him son
But now he says does it matter when all is said and done
Since they are of the long deceased and time has left him old
It does not bother him one bit to know his life story will never be told
In his early eighties one who never had children or a wife
But Danny in his better years never short of women in his life
In his early eighties he says i am too old now for women with a big smile on his face
Of relationships i am in retirement i will grow old with grace
At the weekend in the local pub he enjoys the beer music and song
With a big smile on his wrinkled face he joins in the sing along
The hair upon his balding head is of a silver gray
But he is not too proud to say that he has known a better day
A likeable old fellow to many he is known
It can be said of Danny he has a charm of his own.

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