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Danny Lynch
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Danny Lynch

He will never walk in the old fields again
Or hear the birds sing in the wind and the rain
When the cool winds of April across Kippagh blow
Above the high fields that border the mountain where the bracken grow

Danny Lynch in Kippagh first looked on the lamp of day
And there he raised his children and grew old and gray
And from Kippagh he will be missed by all where he was loved and known
The people of Ballydaly do always grieve the death of one of their own

He will never again get the sweet scent of hay
Of freshly mown meadow grass of a warm Summer's day
Those who came into contact with Danny in his long life span
Will remember him as a quiet and very nice honest man

In Drishane cemetery from Kippagh a few miles away
The last remains of Danny Lynch at rest forever lay
Kippagh for him in it a much better place
Where his will live on as a remembered face.

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