(2 December 1922 - / Washington, D. C.)

Mosquitoes In The Air

Mosquitoes in the air
Fly in the light of day;
They carry their needles
To suck blood from their prey.

Mosquitoes in the air
Glide in the dark of night;
They bring noise to the ears,
Inviting for a fight.

Mosquitoes in the air
Make someone's slumber sour;
The sweet sleep is broken,
Because of their buzzer.

Mosquitoes in the air
Are threats in some cases;
For they are chief vectors
Of serious diseases.

Protect your skin from bite,
Be alert and beware;
Clap your hands to erase
Mosquitoes in the air.

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Another wonderful poem Frank.........and one more connection. (I could be grasping but.....the number....46 mentioned in your first stanza) My dad was born in 1946. I think your poems are great. I plan to read more! Sincerely, Mary