Same Old Songs

Same old songs
You always sing
For the rest of your
Erase and rewind
Never moving forward
You're grounded.

Same old songs
You must not sing
Let go of the tone
Give up the lyrics
Chose something challenging
It's best to be brand new!

by Rey Benipayo

Comments (15)

deneme deneme deneme deneme
This poem shocked me into drunken laughter when I first read it...and I had no drink...but it awoke my need to find a voice that was both honest and simple...bless you are a saint for us all to revere
nice poem! It's a good thing that the author finds peace in his own company in his own house, instead of seeking it in the arms of another woman.
Could this poem fall under the category TMI? Even if it does, I was laughing go hard because don't we all do the I am so great dance when we are all alone?
Sometimes in loneliness we find who we are. Thanks for shearing.
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