Dare I

Dare I dissect the bible?
Who might I offend?
I’ve never read the whole book
From the beginning to the end

The devil spoke in riddles
He also spoke in rhyme
Yet Christ was fond of metaphors
Poets use these all the time

Patience is surely a virtue
But sarcasm is wit
If you peruse the bible
You’ll find pages smothered in it

So who is really a sinner?
And who is really a saint?
I’m afraid to read the whole book
Worried my mind will taint

I think I might perhaps be
A little bit of each
Does that make me somehow wrong?
Take away my right to reach?

If Heaven is really somewhere
I hope it’s where I’m going
I’ll just leave the bible out of it
I’m better off not knowing

copyright 2008 Cheryl A. Caron

by Cheryl A. Caron

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