HZH ( / California)

Dare I Hope?

Dare I hope for a dream?
A dream built on a hope?
Where not only I am loving you
But you are loving me, too?
It is so far gone an idea
That thinking it possible,
Even in a dream,
Is too much, too much
For me to believe.
And to not hope for a dream
Just makes sense
To one who has none.
Because it is hard enough
Being in love,
Let alone being in love returned.
There would be too many
Unless we agreed
That we are we but separately.
You'll go and come again,
I come and go again.
Yet we will lead our separate lives
As our lives were meant to be lived
And we'll dare not to
Have any dreams that
We cannot see
For ourselves together.

(4.27.7 Inner Thoughts (PFD))

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