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Dare Me, Do You?
(March 19,1955 / Fayette, Alabama)

Dare Me, Do You?

Poem By Cecelia Weir

Dare Me, Do You? Stand there.
Without the cultured consent
Of your character.
To chastise the imperial widsom
Of my past that lanquishes
The intelligence of the human soul.
So far beyond mortal understanding
So far beyond mortal interpretation.

Dare Me, Do You? Sit There.
For it is I
Whom the challenges of knowledge
Captured by heritage
And has emplanted the seed
That these histories
Become deeply embedded
Within the reasoning of my own intellect.

Dare Me, Do You? Walk there.
Dare you not
To Sail the seas of life.
To travel your own road
Follow your own star
Sow your own seeds
And without failure
Reap your own harvest.

Dare Me, Do You? Bow there.
To respect the ingenious vernacular
Of God's profound wisdom.
Who enthrusted his divine character
Into the shadows of existance.
His creation of ones delicate flesh
Which becomes endowed and nurtured
By even the most minute human authority.

Dare Me, Do You? Live there.
The beauty and the blessing.
Loving it beneficially
Within the essence of living.
For in the judgement
It is this profit of manifestation
That determines the destiny
Of one's very own soul.

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