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Dare To Survive And Be Satisfied
JP ( / Canada)

Dare To Survive And Be Satisfied

Go venture forth into this world
For what really matters is but yourself
See the world with your naked eye,
And not on frames or glossy device.

Your share in life hasn't really been much
But you gave more than what you have,
Your childhood days much labour had passed
Emotions tough but your spirit survived.

Look back but not with a hardened heart,
Remember your are for what was in the past.
Venture forth then, think of the life
So preciously imbibed right before your time.

Life moves on, more battles to fight
Arm yourself with a gracious witty mind,
A common sense divined by time
In ageless journey forever aspire with might.

Journey into the world around
But with your feet still planted to the ground,
Places to see, wondrous to the mind and body
A vast world out there only the eye can see.

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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