She appeared upon my doorstep with eyes of radiance divine,
Athene herself may envy her from wisdoms palace in the sky.
She carried with her a portfolio of canvas cast splendour containing
Abstract figures entwined in shades of azure upon coconut
Skin fibres. Scenes from the Nepal sent shivers down my spine
As I lost myself in the picture she revealed through the blessing
Of her smile. Upon the garden we sat and conversed upon the
Subject of perversion when it comes to expressing emotion
Within the stroke. I spoke of music and of smoking as we
Joked long into the afternoon. Soon she was to leave for some
Far off desert trail, yet my soul shall never fail in recreating
That summers day and hearing echoes ever present of all we
Had to say. I pray to hear from the Goddess again, she of golden
Skin and of eyes as deep as the greatest veil of all abyss.
I told her of my painting and she asked to be shown my art
And so after gathering my works together I produced for her
A revelation of my soul, I wrote my address upon the back
Of the painting I gave to her as a gift for simply being there
And she walked into the distance as I turned to close the door.

by David Lacey

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