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Daring Others
DQ (March 10,1975 / Boston, MA)

Daring Others

Poem By Dan Quiles

Being from the projects,
Nope, I wasn’t a ghetto soldier,
Stuck selling myself onto drugs, gangs and prostitution.
Just a self-fearing warrior,
Blood running Taino soldier.
A possible Julia de Burgo descendant,
A Spanish-American war veteran descendant for sure,
An apple tree of minister’s and great orator’s,
From the Quiles clan,
Willing to fight for the just cause,
Determined and willing to follow my own dreams.
That elected his own path,
Putting each emotion and commotion,
In every portion as if my last.
Ready to cast
All doubters, baiters and haters,
Into full swing,
And give them my true bling, ring,
All I sought was individuality.
Outcast all probability and possibility.
In order to inspire in fire mode,
And let others desire their own thing,
That rings clings onto them.
We only live once.
Make each ounce of your existence,
Count for something.
You can be anything you desire,
Be all you can be.
Be firm.
Stay focus.
Be consistent.
Keep it real and don’t be a bogus clown.
You will only drown yourself.
Stay active in your community.
Be proactive and take initiative.
Lets all work in a collaborative effort.
Lets build a positive rapport.
Share your blessings with others
But always stay alert as a hunter for the slick sick ones.
You can be an arsenal full of characteristics.
Build new skills and work on those foundations.
Full of spirit and desire.
It doesn’t matter where you from
How you look like,
What makes you who you are
Is your based performance.
That will establish your legacy.
Go for it.
I dare you.
I am.
At least I will die trying.
Don’t worry about mistakes and failures.
We all commit them.
Its okay.
It will help you in the long run.
Just try and be an arsenal of hope for self and others

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