TTO ( / Washington State)

Dark (A Comparative)

Came a long forboding glance

From whence it 'twas creeping
In the shadows hidden lurking
Near to the voices enlightening speaking

Echoing eerie sounds
And EVIL eyes that caught our GLOW

Cast a menacing pause upon us
As the dreadful Wraith, they showed

Came a haunting, from the very, wicked night

Where DOOM and GLOOM walk Hand and Hand
And cast their spells of all of the worlds ills

Across the desserted lands

It 'twas still, as in the Raven
With the BlackBirds haunting stance

Ah, and his reverberating crackle
Near the graveyards, decadence!

Pandora, she was no where near

For innocent truly was she

But the Evil ones still roam the land
Screeching their malignancy
Like the wild banshee!

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This is interesting Theo, and it's deep and in a way appropriate for the upcoming holiday for all 'us kids, young and old and all ages in between. You have an ability to write deeply and in a manner that makes one think, dig deep to reflect on what you're expressing.......well, marci. :)