Dark Allies

Poem By Shirley K.W. Ka

Dark Allies on an empty street,
Only silence fills the gaps.
Nothing shines to give a guide,
Or inspires one to step inside.
The only thing that can be seen,
Is a tiny spark of fantasy,
Dimly visible on the other side.

If you should reach it,
You'd live a dream,
Visit heaven and 'make beliefs'.
But if you fail...
You'd be lost.
Only Damage would occur.
And if you should ever make it out,
You shall never be the same again.

Comments about Dark Allies

Very nice i think it deserves a ten!
Thnx melivin, altho I was using Heaven as a metaphor. In this poem, I tried to describe how I see Love through previous experiences.
Very interesting poem for sure, I should say it definitely is a fantasy due to the fact my belief is if you make it to Heaven, it's not a visit, it's where you'll have everlasting life. Having said that, it's a very good poem Shirley. I gave it a (10) .--Melvina--

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