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Dark Beauty
LY ( / Cashiers, North Carolina)

Dark Beauty

Poem By Linda Yates

What thoughts are revolving in that pretty head
Silent, observing, with nought being said?

Dark eyes that mask intellectual feats
Musing, amusing, emotional treats!

What was it her nursery school teacher did quip?
"She hasn't decided she wants part of this trip."

Darkness not always means sadness or grief--
Sometimes it's coolness, a blessed relief

From intensity, with all its incessant demands.
A grateful repose can be seen in her hands,

Soft-spoken and careful, slow to condemn
Her voice has a lilt, and her slow smile's a gem.

The tone of her darkness only enhances,
Her grace has no limit; her bright wit entrances.

Her litheness, her softness, and elegant breeding
Are felt as she moves through life, easily leading.

What secrets lie under that pleasant aplomb
From where does that effortless confidence come?

Perhaps from a wellspring of infinite love
From her mother and father and heaven above!

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