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As I...

As I walk through the pathway
Of your sacred beauty on a silent
Night with bouquets of holy hope
In my poor little tender heart,
I splinter the new moon into words
To convey, while in bed,
The dazzling spectrum of an unappeased romance.
As I look through the lenses of your filtered dreams of passion,
I see an emerald sky open its golden gate
To welcome us as two falling stones in the river of love.
As I look at you, Dedelle, I hope
Shying away my shyness to put on
The apron of a sincere sentiment.
Of lust, love, trust, and commitment
As I look at you, I hope to conquer
Your world of passion and enjoy every bit of it
And make a holy potion to cure my soul
From my incurable doubts of conveying my true love
To the woman of my lingering dreams.

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what a fantastic poem, this really made me become involved love the lines ignoring the little boy who lies on the pavement hoping for the light of a shinning coin. great work