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(((Dark Days)))
TTO ( / Washington State)

(((Dark Days)))

Corruption in the system just grows-
So many now turning their heads...
So many becoming ostriches! ! !
So many not heeding truths said;

So many heinous crimes on humanity...
All in the name of the almighty greed...
Too many with habits that control them...
Too many turned viscious from Speed;

Cruelty and deviant behavior...
Arrogantly flaunts itself around...
Victims in all walks of life preyed upon...
By Predators that are surely Hell bound;

Too complacent this World has become...!
Where God was once: The Word! ! !
Now Satan seems to have the upper hand...
And Gods commandments simply go unheard;

The seven deadly sins are prevalent...! ! !
And ignorance truly seems to be bliss-
I thank God and my Guardian Angels...
For enlightment on attacks i might have missed! ;

Parents are now known to kill their children**
Children now killing there mom or their dad...
Husbands are killing their wives...
This world has become very bad;

Our young babies are kidnapped-raped and murdered...! ! !
And then tossed as garbage into the dirt...! ! !
This world is surely in its END DAYS...!
Its filled with malicious-vile- and hurt;

'Sociopaths' now make up much of our population...
And if you do not understand this term-
You can look up Psychopath almost anywhere...
You will find that they are conscienceless-evil-worms;

May 14,2010

Dedicated to: Lacey Rocha Peterson-California
To: Caylee Marie Anthony-Florida
To: Amber Dubois-California
To: Haleigh Cummings-Florida

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