Dark Days

Poem By Katherine Patrick

Where the light in my world?
Am I blind to it?
I want to be happy like everyone else i see
But all i have is this fake smile
No one can tell im pretending
Faking my way through everything I do
My eyes are clouded over by this darkness
I hate feelinfg like this like im nothing
I cant see anything someone help me! ! ! !
Now im falling in this choking darkness
No longer being able to breathe through my lungs
Is this what dying feels like?
Well i dont want to know anymore
Im trapped in this nightmare
Maybe it all in my head....
Lying to myself doesnt help anything
In the end all i see the night
Not even day appears anymore...

Comments about Dark Days

You're not alone Katherine, most of us have similar periods and some better hide it than others. For me, I no longer care.

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