EH (dec 29/60 / Perth NB)

Dark Days

To go through the rest of life alone,

Unloved or Unwanted

Dark days of realization, to die alone in my heart.

Like cold frozen slate, untouched, unloved.

Pushed in a corner, easy way in, easy way out.

Does it ever matter, think now, think later.

Think of who would ever think.

Forgotten now, forgotten in a hour,

Forgotten in a month, does it even matter.

Weep now, or weep later, it doesn't matter.

No one hears sadness, loneliness, no thought,

Just brings madness.who cares, who dares.

It doesn't even one there, no one here.

No one anywhere. never thinking, always sinking.

Never loved and thought of, never here never there.

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This is a poem with very deep feelings.can really associate with it. It feels as though it came from the heart of a very lonely person. MJ