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Dark Defender
JLE (1/18/1962 / Alliance, Nebraska)

Dark Defender

Poem By Jo Lynn EhnesAllen

A dark beguiling presence stirs the breeze,
arousing my inert salacious soul.
Endearing strokes of coaxing softly tease
until my waking passion gains control.

My yearning spirit hungers for delight,
inviting inspiration's rich barrage.
Enlivened by this mystifying knight;
alluring eyes bestow a heart's massage.

Entranced within temptation's fervent stare,
excited fingers craft desire's designs.
A mural colored with enticement's flair;
the image of two dreamers intertwines.

Uplifted by seduction's pleasing ray
all senses emanate elation's glow.
As rapture's rose imbeds in love's bouquet
devotion's waters rise and overflow.

Euphoria illuminates the dawn,
enfolding us in ecstasy's embrace.
Into this dark defender's scene I'm drawn;
the morning winds leave destiny in place.

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