`she Hid Her Love (For Ruth Ugbang)

I hid my love
At the shore
Where Charon
Ferries shades
As they fade
To the world
That is under
It is not to
Be found
Till my heart
Love no more

She hid her love
My love
In a box
Where Pandora
Hid her evil
Her gift from Heaven.

I searched for love
My love
All over the world
But found none
Then in my hurt
I stumbled upon
Something wrong
A box
Pandora's box.

In my curiosity
I opened the lid
To have a peek
Hoping to get
A kiss
As I seek
To find a love
My love
But yet got none
Instead her evil
Was let loose.

That was her gift
From Heaven.

Your eyes, like stars of sky
Illuminates my darkest of nights
Giving light to tartarian gloom
Of my heart.
I found you, by the shore
Where Charon ferries shades,
They fades, to worlds that
Is under
Where I had hidden my love.

by Efe Benjamin

Comments (3)

amazing. very well written.
two opposites in life. Light and Dark. ^^ great peice, javi! <33 luv it. May
Darkness and light are two faces of one coin. I love this excellant piece dear Javier.