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Dark Eyes
CA (July 28,1958 / Hinesville, Georgia)

Dark Eyes

you come to me now and offer to share
you hold out your hand so i'll think you care
you tell me you're sorry and you just didn't know
that i was waiting and that i needed you so

you expect me to smile and tell you it's fine
to give up again so easily this fragile peace of mind
you think all your charm can surely disguise
all the secrets still hidden behind those dark eyes

hey walk in my shoes for a moment or two
take all the rejection that i took from you
live with the hurt of being left out
maybe then you will see what i'm talking about

want me and need me so i can walk away
feel what i felt all those long nights and days
once you've been there you'll soon realise
why it's so hard to trust whats behind those dark eyes

deeper and darker than the black of night
they pulled me in - they robbed me of sight
they tried to blind me to the truth of you
but i'm free now - i know the harm you can do

i've learned to live - i've learned to survive
i no longer need you to make me feel alive
i can face you now and resist the lies
i am no longer a slave to your dark eyes.

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Another great poem, payback for pain rendered is not pleasant, and usually not satisfying either. A great poem,
Yes, I agree. Punishment (here payback) is best expressed in a poem as real life tends to not look kindly upon it. H