IAW (1993 / )

Dark Forest

I ran far from the meadow,
So many years ago.

I found myself here,
Here in this dark forest.
The trees form a barrier.
Unable to escape,
I wander.
Never knowing where I am going,
Nothing to guide me through,
If only I knew.

There is a radiance afar.
I follow.
Never am I near.
Perhaps it is the glow that keeps me sane…
For I am not well;
I am scared.
The sounds of the night taunt me,
And give me a fright.
I am lonely.
There is no one in sight.
I am miserable.
I am only asking for someone,
Someone to help me.
When will this long night end?

The leaves stop crackling beneath my feet.
I halt.
I am finished!
I look down and weep.
There is nothing left of me.
I begin to ponder.
If I give up now,
I will not see.
I will have learned nothing.
I would be a failure,
A complete failure.

A breeze begins to pick up,
I am weak,
I can barely keep upright.
I reach out to keep myself from falling.
Instead of the moist wood of the tree beside,
I found myself in the hands of a woman...
Of an angel.
She stood there.
Letting her wings glow intensely,
As they fluttered in the wind.
Is she the light I have always seen?

She embraced me gently.
I felt all my aches fly away,
Far, far behind me.
She gripped my hand softly.
Gracefully we began to walk.
She said nothing,
So I said nothing.
I stared at her,
And she stared at me back.
She cleared a path.
And I saw the meadow.
I stopped to look back,
But she pulled me forward,
Telling me no.

I found myself back in the meadow.
Happier than ever.
I am never alone.
She is always with me.
She lets me talk whenever I please.
She listens very intently.
I thank her each breath I breathe.
For I would not have survived,
The Dark Forest.

by I Am Who I Am

Comments (12)

It as it is talkn to me... Coz iam in my own cage wer i lost my self gud one
Such a powerful poem. It's so beautiful...great job
This is long but beautiful. My favorite lines: 'Perhaps it is the glow that keeps me sane… For I am not well; I am scared.' -amazing.
Very nice indeed. Keep writing.
It is really a nice poem. Very nice.10 for it.
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