Dark Girl

One day,
Dogs will laugh
In the streets,
And we’ll kiss wildly
Like lunatics
Escaping the asylum.

You’re a dark girl
So I’m painting
My roses black,

And I’ll murder the sun
If he ever turns his back.

I would rather
Enter the palace of your pain
Than continue to exist
In the prison cell of my loneliness.

by Uriah Hamilton

Comments (11)

this one reminds me of myself and I loved every line
at last...someone who respects the emo kids...*lol* eni da kid
What the hell, Uriah? I go away for a few days, come back, and find you wrote a storm of firey passion and a sea of cold beauty. What the hell? ! Absolutely amazing work, pure you, of course.
I have only read a few of your poem, Uriah, so far... But, I have found myself intrigued by your writing style. dan
this is an awesome poem, Uriah. very Beatific! Jake
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