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Dark Haired Laughing Jim
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Dark Haired Laughing Jim

Feeling happy though the boss knocked back his request for a raise in pay
For him it has been anything but a good day
And though of late his wife left to live with another and with her took their young daughter with her from him
He refuses to allow this to get him feeling down dark haired laughing Jim
In his pragmatic way he says their child is better off with my wife
You win some and lose some this is how it is in life
Though i cannot claim to have wronged her in any sort of a way
Since she love some one better with me why should she stay
In his twenty ninth year of life in his physical prime
Laughing Jim believes his luck in life will change in time
Quite a likeable character of him one can say
He does look at life in a positive way
And though of late life has not been going at all well for him
He has not lost his gift of laughter the likeable Jim.

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