Dark Hole

In the darkness
Lay me down
In confinement

The Dark Hole
The solitude
The bridge to eternity

Roses.. only roses
Blood red roses
Tears forbidden
For I am happy

Do not enchase
My tombstone
A non-existent
Should be left alone

It’s cold.. very cold
Surrounded by earth
Peace prevalent
Silence.. silence

Normal recurrence
To every mortal
So why cry!
A difficult acceptance

The choirs sing
My favourite hymn
For I am happy
I am at peace

Burn my chattels
No memoirs
Sand, dirt and humus
The final impletion

Angels of peace
My body consummated
I am one with soul
The longing never foretold

by Lynette Dias Gouveia

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Comments (2)

What do you mean by 'enchase' and 'impletion? ' This must be a very personal poem for you because it's not completely clear what you're trying to say, especially towards the end.
It isn't just a recent thing with you, then. I like this very much. H enchase? Deliberate?