MA (7th February / Lagos, Nigeria)

Dark Horror....

At the darkest hour of men’s fear
I walked the street into the gate
Alone at night, when men slept
In a parley of man and spirits of hell
Nameless being in my course
Ruminating quietly in the dark.

Tremor, fear enough that vent the blood
A lonely roam at evil hour
Increased in size,
The head to burst.

Noiseless wind
And haze wetting earth
Careless animals in various cloths
Thirst and hunger assuaged,
None prevent.

Spirits roam reaping,
watch on the boarders
of earth and mortals
but mortal men at such hour,
vain without sight.

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Night is dangerous. Ijakumo ki n rinde osan, eni a b'ire ki rinde oru. Good poem, I like it