EM (December 1,1972 / Wonji, Shewa)

Dark Humour

constant reminder in a nation next to the drought.
is the doling out of electricity, no doubt.
are they entwined in some wicked way
through natural course of the day
am so confused help me out
people of Addis are complaining left and right
take a moment or two
which weighs the heaviest to you
lack of light disrupting your city life
the drought cutting down people like knife.
you can spend a day or two in a lighted village
no food no drink no resistance.
can you manage to go to a better place till it is past?
to be able to be rid of the continuous fast?
would you be willing to transport yourself?
to the next city imposing on someone else's turf?
would your emaciated body find solace?
settling down to recuperate in a strange place?
thinking faculty numbed bodily function sharpened.
sitting and waiting to be fed.
being examined till doctors are satisfied.
nourishment through measurement is engaged
to determine your fate among a thronging crowd.
don't get me wrong just come along.
I know this universal fact.
man without food and drink is nothing.
let me take you to another dimension.
what am about to say ain't my invention.
drought in this country has a vicious circle.
lack of light in the city is here to ridicule
how humanity is incapacitated.
confirming human value is debilitated.
identifying personality is compromised.
when drought struck.
stand still. Undertake a task.
light candles, forget about electricity.
but do starving people disheartened ones have ability?
to give off human light which once was their birth right?
electricity is so light drought is might.
sorry for comparing without considering
the true meaning of suffering.
drought robs off your identity.
reducing you to a beggar's mentality.
this needs more light.
buy a generator to finish what you start.
resume whatever was on your plate before light went out.
imagine this though if you might.
try living a life without food.Can't even fart.
let me break it down please don't frown.
I tried to go without food for a week.
my body needed a refill.
I weakened.
It reacted.
I denied it.
It persisted.
I withstood.
A hungry man is an angry man isn't just a song.
I was out of my mind when my tummy rung!
gritting my teeth till I dropped
didn't help me to understand the starved
apologies here and there my experiment failed.
I went back to eating and drinking.
I buckled.
to make sense of what's happening.
better go to the affected area commence contributing.

April 12,2016

by emebet mesfin

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